Aerospace & Defense

We specialize in the development of highly engineered materials and material systems to meet demanding performance requirements across a number of markets. In one recent military application, we developed large area sapphire windows with special functional properties for the targeting system of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

II-VI is an industry leader in mission-critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions that meet a wide range of requirements for search, detection, tracking, targeting and navigation. Applications include space-based telescopes, high altitude hyperspectral imaging systems, compact turret assemblies, infrared search and track pods, missile warning systems, and advanced infrared targeting systems.

Our broad array of advanced optical systems improves situational awareness across a host of mission-critical applications within our defense network. II-VI is a trusted partner for integrated persistent imaging solutions in both manned and unmanned ITAR programs. II-VI is the world leader in large sapphire panel production for windows, waveplates, and assemblies and has decades of experience assembling field-proven electro-optics and infrared sensor systems.

II-VI leveraged its highly specialized domain expertise to achieve space-qualified engineering developments that have over the years enabled more than 30 space-based mission deployments, including to the moon and into deep space.

High Energy Laser Systems

II-VI provides future-ready innovations and development for the latest unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and high energy laser (HEL) advancements, targeting and search illumination lasers (TIL/SIL), laser communication systems, and low power handheld lasers. II-VI is one of the foremost experts in engineered materials and laser gain crystal growth. We provide leading edge innovations in laser engineering and EMI shielding designs. Through the combination of precision engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing, we work with our customers to design and develop performance-driven optical systems that meet or exceed their requirements. Our capabilities include engineered materials, laser gain crystal growth, sapphire debris shields and windows, doped-bonded laser rods, HEL Coatings, silicon carbide (SiC) mirrors, high temperature ceramics and frequency selective surface (FSS) radome patterning. Additional capabilities include GaN, single crystal SiC, beam expanders, beam directors, beam delivery systems, laser diode stack assemblies and fiber pump diode assemblies.

Missiles & Ordnance

族化合物是一个主要领域专家定制的设计d optical products for line of sight, guided radar & laser, hypersonic and long range defense systems. II-VI has delivered tens of thousands of guided missile domes that feature our proprietary optical designs and engineered materials. We are a leading supplier of ZnS multi-spectral for broadband windows, domes and related assemblies.

Through collaborative development programs, II-VI is leading advanced development for the next generation of hypersonic radome solutions to ensure overmatch in missiles and ordnance applications. Our custom imaging lenses, such as our leading edge 14.5x mid-wave infrared (MWIR) zoom lenses, enable advanced acquisition and tracking systems.

II-VI manufactures and delivers complex high-performance engineered systems for a wide variety of exacting customer requirements. Leveraging our expertise in engineered materials and our vast experience in design for manufacturability, we work closely with our customers to develop high precision optical solutions that achieve world-class performance.

Electromagnetic Interference & Survivability

II-VI specializes in the development of electromagnetic interference and survivability solutions for mission-critical applications in all military branches and in multi-service joint operations. We develop highly engineered materials and material systems that meet the most demanding performance requirements of our customers. II-VI is a leader in meta-materials, non-linear optics and patterning technology for frequency selective surfaces (FSS) shielding. Our conductive, absorptive, and disruptive solutions are highly optimized to our customer’s custom requirements. From large format panels to double-sided film, our ultra-precision EMI/RF design, patterning, coating, testing, and assemblies are all processed in our access-restricted facilities in the U.S.

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